Terra World Token Economics & Distribution Model

Supply and distribution

  • 770,000,000 TWD (30.8%) for the investors : Launched and available for purchase through the Pylon Gateway POOL.
  • 755,000,000 TWD (30.2%) as reward : Distributed through various reward systems such as UST-TWD LP, Metaverse, Luna stake, Mine stake and TWD stake.
  • 525,000,000 TWD (21%) for adviser, Team and other employees : Volume will be locked for one year and will be distributed over a total of four years through a three-year vesting period.
  • 250,000,000 TWD (10%) for Community marketing : Will be used for community events organized by the Terra World Foundation.
  • 200,000,000 TWD (8%) for Treasury : Sustainable funding of the underlying metaverse development and maintenance. Initial LP and Community fund.

Token usage

1. NFT transactions

2. USERS transactions

3. Governance Proposal Voting

Token burn

1. NFT Purchases

  • 50% will return to the developers to cover management and operation costs of running Terra World
  • 50% will be subject to token burn and disappear from circulation

2. Job Search and Recruitment Services

  • Prospective employees can pay a fee to register into a central talent database
  • Interested parties can pay a fee to send a message to a talent within the database

3. User-created NFT Sales

Terra World’s built-in token burn system results in the following effects

1. Increased Mining Rewards

2. Increased $TWD-$UST Pool Rewards





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