Terra World x Project Kongz Partnership and Meta Kongz Land Sale

We are delighted to announce the collaboration with Project Kongz and their best-known and recognized NFT PFP project in South Korea, “Meta Kongz”.

Meta Kongz is Klaytn-based NFT PFP project increasingly seen in many collaborative projects.

This collaboration is one step toward our goal of creating a multi-metaverse. With the launch of our collaboration, we are preparing various interactive events for both communities. We will implement the partnership first with the construction of Meta Kongz Land in Terra World.

Meta Kongz Land Sale Information

Meta Kongz Land consists of the main land and 1,000 orbiting Land parcels around the center. 1,000 parcels break down into 28 Meta Kongz Premium Lands and 972 Meta Kongz Lands. 28 Meta Kongz Premium Lands are situated adjacent to the main land and will be sold at auction. The rest 972 Parcels will be the bridge between both communities and are able to be minted in the VIP & Whitelist Round.

Premium Land Auction

  • When: May 3rd, 10 AM UTC ~ May 4th, 10 AM UTC (24 hours)
  • Units: Meta Kongz Premium Land Parcel x 28 (Land NFT ID #2 ~ Land NFT ID #29)
  • 1 UST Bid Floor and there is no minimum bid or reserved price.
  • You can bid with UST, TWD, LUNA

Exclusive perks for Meta Kongz Premium Landholders (Auction)

-Increased Land Staking Reward; 5,000 XTRA

-Terra World Closed Beta Round 2 EA Ticket

-Chance to win Meta Kongz NFT (1 Person)

-Chance to win 3 star Meta Kongz Pet (1 Person)

-Increased totalization of Terra Power for MK Premium Land Stakers

*Meta Kongz Premium Land Stakers(Parcel) will get +10,000 Terra Power for each Parcel staked.

VIP & Whitelist Round

Mint Price: 3,500 UST

Token: UST or TWD, LUNA equivalent of 3,500 UST

VIP Round

Applications from VIP users with Tier 6 and higher are accepted through the Terra World web app (You can find the VIP WL button on the top right of the page). Depending on the application, the amount of Meta Kongz Land will be reserved for the VIP Round. The team will check the contracts of the applicants. Maintaining Tier 6 and higher is very important. If the Tier level drops below Tier 6, they will be automatically removed from the VIP Round.

  • When: May 4th, 9 AM UTC ~ May 4th, 10 AM UTC
  • Who: VIP (Terra Power Tier 6 and higher)
  • How many: Amount of applications
  • Max allocation per wallet: 3
  • VIP discount applies

Whitelist Round

The Whitelist Round is for both Land Stakers who submitted the application and WL event winners. Both current Land stakers and those who newly stake their revealed Lands before the application ends could apply. Events will be held via Discord and Twitter and WL winners will be selected. Regardless of their Terra Power Tier, they can mint Meta Kongz Lands on an FCFS basis. The number of Lands for the Whitelist Round will depend on the number of Lands sold in the VIP Round (For example, if 40 Lands were sold in the VIP Round, 932 Lands will be sold in the Whitelist Round). Being whitelisted doesn’t guarantee an assured mint because the Whitelist Round will be on an FCFS basis.

  • When: May 4th, 11 AM UTC ~ May 4th, 12 PM UTC
  • Who: All Land Stakers and whitelisted members
  • Units: Remaining Lands from the VIP Round
  • Max allocation per wallet: 3

Benefits for Meta Kongz Landholders are as described below.

Land Staking rewards for Meta Kongz Landholders

Increased Land Staking Reward for Meta Kongz Land Stakers.

Land Staking fee for Meta Kongz Land Parcel: 4,000 TWD

Staking Reward: 4,000 Xtra

Land Staking fee for Meta Kongz Premium Land Parcel: 5,000 TWD

Staking Reward: 5,000 Xtra

Meta Kongz NFT Airdrop

Meta Kongz Landholders will have a chance to win Meta Kongz NFT Airdrop

-1 Meta Kongz NFT for Meta Kongz Premium Landholders (random)

-3 Meta Kongz NFT for Meta Kongz Landholders (random)

Meta Kongz Pet in Terra World Airdrop

Terra World x Meta Kongz Pets will be born and they will be airdropped to Meta Kongz Landholders. (total 1,000 Pets)

-1 star MK Pet x 950, 2 star MK Pet x 22 for MK Landholders (random)

-2 star MK Pet x 27, 3 star MK Pet x 1 for MK Premium Landholders (random)

Terra World Closed Beta Round 2 EA Ticket

100 EA Tickets for the coming Close Beta Round 2 are reserved for MK Landholders.

-EA Ticket x 72 for MK Landholders (random)

-EA Ticket x 28 for MK Premium Landholders

Public Round

All unsold Meta Kongz Land from the Whitelist Round will be carried over to the Public Round. If all Meta Kongz Lands are sold out in the Whitelist Round, the Public Round will be canceled.

  • When: May 5th, 11 AM UTC ~ until sold out
  • Units: Remaining Meta Kongz Lands from the Whitelist Round
  • Minting is not limited to 1 Meta Kongz Land per wallet in the Public Round



Telegram: Announce

Telegram: Community

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